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A community for people who build design systems to share and learn from each other.

Bridging the gap

April 19 @ ustwo
Design systems help provide a unified language but the path to getting there can be challenging. Successful adoption is often due to the collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team. Our speakers will be sharing how they bridge the gap between design, development, content writers, and other stakeholders.
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Past Meetups

Tools for collaboration

March 8 @ Meetup
Featuring talks by Noah Levin from Figma, Natalya Shelburne from The New York Times, Brent Jackson from, and Chesley Andrews from Betterment.

February happy hour

Feb 7 @ The Winslow
A social event for us to chat over drinks and make new connections in the design systems community.

Defining design principles

Oct 4 @ The New York Times
Featuring talks by Orr Shtuhl from Wirecutter, Caitlin Osbahr from Buzzfeed, Michael Jovel from the F.D.A., and Magera Holton from Related Works.

Empowering product growth with design systems

Aug 17 @ DoSomething
Featuring talks by Una Kravets from Digital Ocean, Luke Patton from DoSomething, and Jina Anne—consultant and community builder.

Documenting design systems

May 11 @ JustWorks
Featuring talks by Tom Takigayama from Justworks, Adekunle Oduye from Nasdaq, and Amélie Lamont from The New York Times.

Brand design systems that scale

March 23 @ Etsy HQ
Featuring talks by Sophie Shepherd from GitHub, Will Miner from 2U, and Marco Suarez from Etsy.

Sharing design systems journeys

December 15 @ XO Group
Featuring Emily Brick from Buzzfeed, Silvia Tueros-Cossio and Philip Kelly from XO Group, and Diana Mounter from GitHub.

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Diana Mounter

Design Systems Manager at GitHub

Tom Takigayama

Product Design Lead at Justworks